Get FREE Dentures

Many people think that dentures are outrageously expensive.
Of course that can be true depending on the dentist and the quality of the dentures.
However, there are other avenues you might not have thought of!

Low income individuals that are unable to foot the cost of dentures, or the expense of tooth extraction, shouldn't give up on the dream of acquiring dentures.
I've written many articles on the subject of free dental care and more often than not I've found that the old saying of "where there's a will, there's a way", is for the most part, often true. One of the most popular inquiries is dentures.

A great starting place is your local dental school. Many dental schools offer different forms of assistance and can really help.

Medicaid and Medicare cover some basic dental costs, but often no coverage for no cost dentures. Florida and North Carolina Medicaid offer limited funding but only to children under the age of 21, and routinely cover full or partial standard dentures.

You might also try your local health board, look into grants, your local church...
even bartering. If you put forth the effort, you'll wind up with a great smile!





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